Home Based Business : Can Low Cost Franchise Home Based Business Make Money?

If your dream is not just to work from home, but to actually OWN and run a business from home, there are many franchise brands that offer home-based business opportunities.

People think that franchises are expensive. However, there are low cost franchises opportunities.What is considered as a low cost franchise? Generally, the cost is something below $20,000. But there are some low cost franchises that cost higher than this and are still considered as low cost. For example, if they belong to a category that require a huge start-up for a big space to run their business properly like retail outlets.

How do people react to low cost franchise? Some think that these franchises offer low support while others think that this type of businesses will result in low income.  So, should low cost franchises be avoided?   Can low cost franchise home based business make money?

The cost of these franchises are low generally because of the following:

1) they are service-based franchise opportunities (hence, no need to buy equipments and products);
2) they are home-based franchises (hence, low overhead charges, no rental);
3) they are new and emerging franchises (hence low franchise fee)People are turning to low cost franchises because of affordability and higher return of investment!

Home-based franchises are gaining popularity.   With lower cost of investment, the returns are higher.  A few key points to keep in mind when searching for a home-based franchise opportunity are :
1) Good support system.   Low cost must not come with little or no support. It should have an effective training program and on-going support.
2) Low or no Royalty fee.   If it’s too high, then you won’t gain much from the business, no matter how low its start-up cost is!
3) Demand in the market and sustainable business model.   The business must be there for long and should not be a “fad” that goes down within some years!

Then there is the Home- based Business Opportunity which operates similar to a franchise business.   The investment amount is a lot lower as there is no franchise fee.   They function like a franchise business providing a good support and training system. With no franchise and royalty fees, it will require little capital to start and allow everyday people to start a home-based business while keeping their day job.  If you are going to look at any type of home-based business, it’s really up to you to do the research that’s required, in order to make an intelligent choice.

Connie Goh

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